The California Environmental Health Initiative


Science at the intersection of human health and agriculture.


The goal of the California Environmental Health Initiative is to bring citizen advocacy and scientific research to bear on policy decisions that impact the health of

Californians.  Our focus is expanding awareness that protecting human and environmental health must be the first priority in all food and agricultural decisions.  

Our current work addresses the health, environmental, legal, and financial consequences of California's pesticide use, particularly in agricultural pest and

invasive species programs.

For latest news, see our Issues page. 

Read here about our victory in the lawsuit challenging the light brown apple moth pesticide program.

Read here about our legal challenge to the state’s sweeping pesticide spray program

as laid out in the Statewide Pest Spray Environmental Impact Report.

Read here about Japanese beetle spraying by California Department

of Food & Agriculture.

Read here about the World Health Organization announcement that the

popular herbicide Roundup “probably” causes cancer, including our response to a

New Yorker magazine commentary on the WHO findings.

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